Outdoors With Luke Clayton And Friends – August 19, 2017

Air Date: August 19, 2017

** Please note that we have changed the link above for Luke’s weekly newspaper column. Click the link above to browse the archives of his columns.

Radio Show Opening (New)

Radio Show Opening – Radio Stations Please Note This Is A New Opening As Of May 28, 2014

Campfire Talk With Larry Weishuhn


Darton’s Bowhunting Talk With Mark Balette


Bradley Doyle Joins Luke To Talk Fishing With Catfish Bubblegum


Eric Dixon Talks With Luke About Mosquito Repellent



The new magazine of the Texas Hog Hunters Association

A magazine dedicated entirely to the world of hog hunting, conservation and control. Created by concerned hog hunters, outfitters and land owners for the co-operative participation in the effective, legal and ethical means of humanely controlling the ever growing population of feral hogs in Texas and educating all concerned with this effort.


Luke Clayton has the privilege of being the editor of the flagship magazine of the Texas Hog Hunters Association. Join him in the effort to educate and spread the word on the fine work this new organization is doing.

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